Meet our Rescue boy

Our dedication to the breed doesn't stop at producing beautiful babies.  This is Biscotti.  Biscotti has quite a story behind him.  We heard about his plight off the Canadian Pointer email list which is seen by all members of the Canadian Pointer Club.  Biscotti is an 8 year old, show bred Pointer, and had been at the Niagra Falls Humane Society for 2 months.  When I saw that face, it didn't take but a moment to get everyone packed and on the road to Niagra Falls.  No questions asked, this boy was coming home.  

 When we arrived at the NFHS, we were introduced to Biscotti, or Bisco as we call him.  He came bounding out of the kennel area and literally dragged Wally outside and around the exercise area.  His tail never stopped wagging and it was obvious that he was a favourite among kennel staff.  He was quite chunky from his many cookies.  

  Biscotti had been surrendered by his owner and was to be euthanized.  Fortunately for us, NFHS talked them out of that.  Biscotti had apparently tried to bite a child over food.  This information had to be disclosed on his adoption sheet, so that coupled with his age, left him homeless.  NFHS is a no kill shelter thankfully.  

  Biscotti came home with us and joined our Yakityak family.  He took up residence on our couch as soon as he arrived.  He was obsessed with food and couldn't get enough.  Needless to say, he isn't impressed with his diet. This boy has been spoiled along the way.  He sleeps every night with Kyle, but will not settle, until his is completly covered with the blanked and tucked in.  There he stays until morning. Bisco has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We love him to bits.

 The sad thing is, Biscotti was bred by a "Breeder" who take a great deal of pride in his dogs.  When I contacted the breeder (Biscotti is microchipped), he proudly told me that his mother was a Hungarian import from the famous Crookrise lines and his father was from the Bee Serious lines.  Biscotti was sold a show dog at 8 weeks of age.  He was shown until 2 when he was hit by a car.  Many $ later he was left with a limp and could not be shown.  He owner was then transferred to another country and Biscotti needed a home.  I am not sure why the breeder did not step up and take the dog back, but Biscotti ended up in the NFHS.  He was placed from there and lived for 6 years until his recent surrener.  Again, the breeder knew about Biscotti's plight, but left him abandoned and waiting for a home.  

Please, if you read this story and are looking for a dog, make sure the breeder you choose to buy from is there for the LIFE TIME of the dog.  We will take our dogs back at any time, in fact we insist that if you can no longer care for your dog, it is returned to us.  

Thankfully this story has a happy ending.  


KRA Kennels