Current Griffs


Is our Ukraine import.  We are absoutley thrilled with this girl.  Besides being an excellent example of a Griff, she has the best temperament!

Secret had her own photo shoot with the talented Tammy Mcallister.  Here are some of the photos from that shoot.



Rush-a is another one of our imported girls, this time from Russia.  The european Griffs are very consitent in type, and have a much larger and diverse gene pool to choose from.  Both these girls do tie back in to our older pedigrees.  Rush-a is our love bug.  You can always find her on a lap suggling.  She will be a fabulous mother. 


 Herc is sired by our Spencer and is out of Parisfield Cadence (KD).  He is a repeat breeding of Shaker.  He is so much like his older brother.  Beautiful outline, lovely toy dog size and so sound.  He is a slo maturirng boy, but we expect him in the show ring in 2016. Herc's favorite pastime is being a Therapy dog at my school.  



KRA'S Mighty Hercules takes a Gr 1 from the classes at the Cornwall Kennel Club show.  He was also awarded two Gr 3's at the same show.

KRA Kennels