Our Philosophy

Our breeding philosophy at KRA Kennels is to produce a sound, healthy Pointer, that excels in beauty, health and temperament, and train-ability. Our dogs are suitable for not only the show, but also the field, obedience, agility and most importantly, the family home. Our breeding  program is based on the "Whole" dog. We  pay careful attention to  selecting dogs that are both beautiful and healthy and have temperament and personality to thrive and excel in the various aspects of Pointer life.  We believe in a natural approach to rearing,and all our dogs are fed a Species Appropriate Diet, thus creating a healthier immune system better able to deal with today's environmental stresses.

Puppies are available occasionally to approved homes with safe fenced yards, and the desire to work with the breeder for the life of the dog.  All our pet puppies are sold on CKC registered non-breeding agreements and are guaranteed to the age of 3.  Any dogs that are used in our breeding program have been are excellent specimens of a Pointer and have been examined for and certified against the following: hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.

  Please feel free for more information.  Visitors are alway welcome by appoitment only.


KRA Kennels